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A Sincere Welcome to YOU from St. Paul's Church

As there are many levels of achievement in all endeavors, there are also many degrees of faith existing in each and every individual. Yet in a group they may coalesce as a grand functioning entity. It's that way at Saint Paul's Church in Glen Cove. We are a Christian and an Episcopal Church that welcomes any and all levels of devotion whether it be weak, mild, average or intense.

You will find that our parishioners provide an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance saturated in a warm and friendly environment. It is our intention to do as Jesus: loving with an openness of heart and thought. We strive for repentance, forgiveness and absolution. It is our desire to love one another as Jesus loves us. Try us and see for yourselves. The experience will be rewarding

A Word to Newcomers

We strive to offer everyone who crosses our thresholds a warm welcome. Our doors are open wide, and we hope you will experience hospitality both in these pages and when you visit us on Sunday morning.

You are invited to participate in the total life of this community, particularly in worship and in service to others. If you decide to take the next step and move from being a welcomed guest to becoming a member of our church family, know that we welcome you as a member.

28 Highland Rd,Glen Cove,NY

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N O T I C E 
Wednesday at 12 pm.

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Sunday Worship Schedule

8:00am – Holy Eucharist

9:00am – Sunday Conversation with the clergy

10:00am – Holy Eucharist with Choir

Summer Sunday Worship Schedule
9 am - Holy Eucharist


Baptism - the formal rite of initiation into the Christian church. The Episcopal Church recognizes baptism by any Christian church.

Confirmation - the formal rite of adult membership in the Episcopal Church. This rite, performed by the Bishop, confirms the vows made at Baptism. Those who are confirmed are included in the Parish register and may participate in parish elections after six months. Those wishing to be confirmed must complete a confirmation class.

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